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Welcome to the Hospital Security Operation Center (hSOC) community initiative and platform website.

The very goal of this initiative is to create a community that will increase the number of Healthcare Service Providers operating secure information systems/technologies with sufficient technical and personnel support. The objectives and activities of the initiative are summarized in the Memorandum.



Currently, 38 health care organizations (hospitals), 6 founding bodies and another 6 institutions are involved in the activity. /30.4.2021/

Past activities:

Public Section

If you are looking for general (public) information, you can look here at the list of and focus of individual working groups.

If you would like to join any of the working groups, subscribe to the individual e-mail group with a registration form.

Closed Section

If you are a member of any working group, you can access the internal (closed) section (after login with the account of your organization, or through the social connectors).

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